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AutoPod allows you to share content to external websites (be those your own or another that has requested the content) so that episodes can be found by listeners all over the internet. These are embedded within the websites using HTML code found within the AutoPod Dashboard

We provide a number or options for embedding content within external websites. Below are just some examples + how this content will look.

At the time of writing, all embedded elements will open the 'AutoPod' player in a new window / tab.

After the initial embed, the embedded areas will update automatically as shows are generated / added.

As the embedded content is managed by AutoPod, we are able to quickly make improvements as they are needed and fix bugs that may be pointed out to us. This means that we can apply these changes automatically without having to ask you to updated the embedded areas on the website. This can mean that the look / behaviour of the embedded content may change slightly over time. We will also be adding new embedded elements as they are requested so if you have any specific requirements please let us know!


Station Search

This embedded content shows a list of recent episodes (up to the most recent 100) as well as a search box. The search box allows listeners to search through all available episodes. The search will work based on either the Show Name or the Presenter Name. e.g. a 'Breakfast' show presenter by 'Oliver' would be returned if either Breakfast or Oliver were searched for.

The embed code for this particular element can be found on the main homepage of the Dashboard (at the bottom or navigated to by the 'embed' link at the top).

<iframe src="https://embedded.autopod.xyz/station/search/62"
                    width="450px" height="793px" frameborder="0"
                    allowfullscreen ></iframe> 

Adjusting the size of this content

The (example) code above will display at a width of 450 pixels and with a height of 793 pixels. This is a reasonable size however is designed to be changed when being applied to an external website. You can ajust this manually to fit a given area of content by adjusting the width and height values.

If your website makes use of a Content Management System (such as Wordpress, Aiir etc.) We recommend changing the values for height to '1700px' and width to '100%'. Applying a 100% width means that the content will stretch to fit the area that is made available to it by the content management system rather than beinig fixed. This is particularly useful if your website is responsive to display size (e.g. Phone / Tablet / PC optimised) as the embedded content will adjust in size to match the design of the website.


Example of Station Search


Single Show

The single show embed can be found on the Dashboard page for a given show. This embeddable widget will show latest episodes from a given show. It is useful to store this on say a presenters profile page or on a show page on your website (or for a presenter to embed this on their own website if they have one set up).

<iframe src="https://embedded.autopod.xyz/episodes/show/279"
                            width="450px" height="793px" frameborder="0"
                            allowfullscreen ></iframe>    

Compact Player Inidividual

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