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RSS is the most common way for sharing feeds of information. You may have already heard of RSS feeds in relation to podcasting, but it is also used in many other services. For example, news publishers will often provide an RSS feed of their content and sites such as eBay allow you to create custom RSS queries to link to products from your website. 

RSS feeds can be ingested by many different services. Although the most common for AutoPod will likely be a podcast listening application, it is also easy to import AutoPod feeds into services for automatic email notifications, automated posts to social media and as a trigger for further actions on services such as IFTTT (e.g each time there is a new episode post it to my blog). 

RSS within AutoPod comes in many flavours, but at the time of writing the output format across the board is nearly identical. 

For each stream we provide an overarching RSS feed. This includes all episodes for all shows (that have rss publishing enabled). If a listener was to subscribe to this feed, they would get each episode of the stations output. 

For each show we also provide an RSS feed. This is useful so that listeners can simply subscribe to content that is relevant to them. 

Finally, we provide an RSS for each group that you create. Groups allow the aggregation of multiple shows into a single feed. This means that you could easily create a feed that was every show that a certain presenter was part of, or a collection of multiple ‘soul’ programmes broadcast across the week. We do not limit the number of groups that can be created and shows can appear in multiple groups.

We know that there will be many creative ways of using RSS feeds that we are yet to think of. One simple example: We know of one station using the RSS feed of a show to automatically download the audio and import back into their playout system so they no longer have to manually schedule a repeat broadcast. 

You can find links to RSS feeds peppered across the AutoPod dashboard. RSS feeds are updated every ~15 minutes and if a group has just been created then it may take up to 30 minutes for the feed to become available for sharing

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