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A group within AutoPod is for now a simple way of creating collections of shows that can then be shared as though they were a single entity. Groups are completely flexible and a single show can appear multiple times in the same group, as well as the show appearing in as many groups as are needed. 

For example, you may wish to create a group called ‘Daytimes’ which has all of the shows on your station broadcast weekdays between 07:00 and 19:00 or a group which has all of the shows that a given presenter is part of.

What are groups used for?

Groups at the time of writing have two core elements.

  1. Each group gets its own RSS feed. This means that you could have an rss feed for ‘daytimes’ and an rss feed for ‘Joe Bloggs’ etc. Although RSS is brilliant for publicly sharing content, there are also lots of other great use cases. For example, a presenter could run some ‘RSS downloader’ software on their computer and automatically download all of their own programmes.
  2. Each group has access to ‘Group Widgets’ so if Joe Bloggs did have a website of their own, they could embed the HTML content on there of all their shows, or you could use the ‘Shows view’ widget on a page but split up into various categories, rather than just having an alphabetical view of the whole stream

We have lots more goals for groups in the future and features that we would like to add. But for the time being we have tried to build a simple (but solid) solution for basic categorization of shows.  We are very open to ideas on how groups could be used more effectively and if you have any thoughts we appreciate any feedback. 

Adding a Show Group

Within the AutoPod dashboard, select the ‘Groups’ page within the shows section of the sidebar

At the top right of the page, you should see a button ‘Create New Group’ This button will create a new group using the default options. The page should then refresh and you will see a new blank / generic group with a single show assigned to it and a randomised name. 

For this new group, you should now see an ‘Edit group’ option. This will open the edit group page for the new group and allow you to assign shows to it. 

A group must have at least one show assigned to it, therefore thee edit page will not allow you to delete the only show in a group. The recommended way to edit a group is to add any shows that you need and then delete the initial show that was added as part of the creation process. We are aware that this is not the best user interface for this, but it allows us to guarantee that the group will work properly.

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